Module 4: Serving People with Disabilities



People with disabilities currently compose a large portion of the customer base in the United States. Businesses are willing and eager to serve people in this market, but may not be aware of how best to effectively reach out to people with disabilities. This program provides information on market trends, effective communication, and an overview of selected groups of people with disabilities that frequently patronize businesses. This three-module training provides group exercises and activities to create an active learning environment and an opportunity to look at ways to apply effective outreach to potential customers with disabilities.

The modules in this topic area focus on interacting with people with disabilities. They can be used to train in any Title II or Title III entity that provides customer service to people with disabilities. Also, the jeopardy activity is included in this section. It can be fun to review the information you have provided your audience in other modules on how to interact with people with disabilities.


4a. In Their Shoes: Accessibility from Another Perspective

Goal: To give participants an opportunity to think through and discuss how prepared they are to welcome and serve customers with disabilities

Time: 30 minutes

Format: Presentation

Potential Audience: Business Leaders, Governmental Entities, and General Audiences


4b. Serving Customers with Disabilities: 10 Reasons for Reaching Out and Expanding Your Market

Goal: To present the business case for effectively serving people with disabilities

Time: 30 minutes

Format: PowerPoint Presentation

Potential Audience: Employers, Business Leaders, Municipalities, and Educators


 4c. Jeopardy! Serving Customers with Disabilities

Goal: To provide the opportunity for learn about serving people with disabilities

Time: 20 minutes

Format: Interactive game

Potential Audience: Businesses, Municipalities, Service Providers, and General Audiences


4d. Service Animals and the ADA

Goal: To clarify some myths and misunderstandings about how the ADA applies to service animals

Time: 20 minutes

Format: Activity

Potential audience: General Audiences, Municipalities, Businesses, and Educators


Information Provided by:

Southeast ADA Center

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Burton Blatt Institute

Syracuse University